Meet the Team – Kelsey

Kelsey Craig!

Currently a Sophomore at SPU

Nursing Major

Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia because it’s where I spent my most formative years- it’s where I became who I am today!
Hobbies: Baking, running, traveling, hiking, spending time with friends, camping, singing, serving, exploring new cities, playing games and reading.
Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, leadership, administration, mercy, and teaching.
Most Excited for Rwanda: I’m most excited to witness what God is doing in Rwanda and join with 4 incredible girls to use our God-given passions to encourage and serve the people of Rwanda.
Dream Trip: I would go to the Democratic Republic of Congo, because it’s a francophone country in Africa that is in extreme need.
Prayer Requests: Please pray that I would have peace and wisdom as I begin to prepare for this trip. Also, pray that our team would maintain a positive and God-centered mindset during our preparation.

Meet the Team – Michaela

Michaela Fraser!

Electrical Engineering Major

Currently a Freshman at SPU

Hometown: Edmonds, Washington.

Hobbies: Running, playing trumpet, hiking/backpacking, singing to myself, writing, reading, and playing soccer (though I haven’t done that one in a while).

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, mercy, helping, and administration.

Most excited for Rwanda: I am excited about our trip to Rwanda for so many reasons! I get to finally go to the part of the world where my family lived for so long. We’ll be able to reach out to other people and show them the Savior’s love, and we might be able to lead them farther down the road of reconciliation and healing. And the stories will be powerful to hear.

Favorite Dessert: You want me to pick just one dessert? Hmmm… warm huckleberry pie with ice cream is really good. So are fresh peaches with ice cream.


Meet the Team – Annie

Annie Roy!

Psychology and Spanish Major

Currently a Sophomore at SPU

Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

Hobbies: Yoga, drawing, climbing, hiking, being with friends, and going on adventures.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, Evangelism, Teaching, Discernment and Serving!

Most Excited for Rwanda: To learn about a brand new culture, to grow and be challenged in my faith, to spread God’s love with my team, and to hear and learn from the people there.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be an African elephant because they are my favorite animal, I have an elephant pillow pet, and they eat a lot…and I love food.

Prayer Requests: That I will keep an open mind and heart to everything, and trust in God when I am outside my comfort zone.


Meet the Team – Jen

Jen Mrha!

 Nutrition Major with a Dietetics Emphasis
Currently a Sophomore at SPU

Hometown:  I always refer to my “hometown” as the last place I moved from, which is Southern California. I grew up living internationally. I was Born in Budapest, Hungary. Moved to Austria, Aruba, Germany, Hong Kong, and then finally Southern California.

Hobbies:  Yoga, drawing, painting, and honestly just good conversation and spending time in community. I feel like I can do anything and enjoy it if I am around good people. I get a lot of joy from honest conversation and just doing life together.

Spiritual Gifts: Missions, hospitality, wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge.

Most excited for:  I am most excited build relationships in Rwanda. I think that trips like this always end up really surprising me and changing my outlook and how I view the world. Its so easy to have an intention when serving on mission trips that we can offer something. But really sometimes just being present and having an open heart and mind is the best thing you can offer. I am excited and eager to learn, to be challenged. This opportunity really is once in a lifetime.

Favorite African animal:  An elephant. Which is pretty classic, but I think they are so beautiful and graceful.
And did you know they are the only mammals, besides humans, to have chins?


Meet the Team – Katherine

Katherine Brennan!

Psychology Major

Currently a Freshman at SPU

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Hobbies: Running, reading, yoga, hiking, dancing, and painting.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, encouragement, teaching, and wisdom!

Most excited about:  I am most excited to meet the people in Rwanda and learn about their culture

What is your favorite dessert and why?  My favorite dessert is either green tea ice cream or a puzukie. I like puzukies because they are a mix of a cookie and ice cream, and I love the mix of warm and cold in desserts!


Getting Excited//Team Photo!

Rwanda 2014

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