Theo(neste): a week of celebration and searching for God’s presence



Coming to the end of our second week in Rwanda, we were reminded of God’s beauty by a glorious sunrise. This week has been a combination of early mornings, meaningful conversations, moments of doubt and reassurance of God’s purpose for us on this trip, which is to bring Him glory in any way possible.

We have been blessed with several awesome opportunities this week, and here are a few highlights:
-Attending Laura’s wedding. Saturday night we celebrated the joining of Laura and Theo’s lives in a traditional wedding ceremony- dancing, gift-giving and all. We sat with All Across Africa staff and watched eagerly as dancer after dancer performed for the newly weds. It was an experience we will all cherish and remember someday when our weddings are probably not nearly as beautifully musical.
-Teaching at Theoneste’s Catch-Up School for kids who missed parts of primary school and are hoping to attend secondary school. We assisted the five teachers in teaching about 170 students math, English, science and social studies. The love and curiosity displayed by these children and dedication seen in the teachers was beautiful and clearly God-given. We were also blessed to be able to share testimonies with some of the students and hear theirs in return.
– Eating lunch and exploring with Emanuella and Isa everyday this week. We have seen Kigali and truly enjoyed our time together. They are beyond great! Isa’s minimal English has lead to some hilarious conversations in mixed Kinyirwanda and English.
– Sharing supper with Theo (not Laura’s husband), an incredible genocide survivor who worked for All Across Africa. Our dinner with Theo entailed his asking of questions like, ‘What makes you cry?’ ‘What is something that you continually bring to The Lord?’ and ‘Who is your favorite person in the Bible?’ These questions led to much thought and many discussions, receiving priceless wisdom from Theo. We are blessed to have had this opportunity.
– Visiting Nibakure Children’s Village in Nyamata. We were able to visit a children’s home with twenty two kids, living and being raised by incredible Rwandese women.

Please continue to pray for peace and unity not only on our trip but in Rwanda. Pray that God’s power would be evident to those around us!


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