Week One in Rwanda

Muraho (hello) to all of our family, friends and supporters following our blog!

We have now been in Rwanda for five days and we are truly beginning to fall in love with this beautiful nation, the Land of a Thousand Hills. Our apologies for taking so long to update- internet access is sparse and we have been busy busy busy šŸ™‚

On Monday, we were greeted by Ellie, a designer for All Across Africa, Emmanuella, our wonderful translator, and Isa, our kind and patient driver. After sorting out our lost luggage (which we got the same day, Praise the Lord), we headed to the house where us four are staying and met Odette, who has been taking good care of us through her cooking amongst many other things. Odette is such a light to us in the way she smiles and loves on us, despite the language barrier.

We would like to share a few highlights from the past few days:

-Visiting two weavers, Priscilla and Salaphina in their their homes outside of Kigali. We were blessed by their testimonies of weaving for All Across Africa, which gives them a steady income and the ability to build homes and support their families.
-Eating lunch with the All Across Africa (AAA) staff Modeste, Alice, Ellie, Titi and Emmanuella and learning more about Rwanda and their stories.
-Visiting a weaving cooperative about 2 hours away, which involved us asking 20 or so women what they are most proud of and how working for the organization has greatly improved their lives. Whether it’s been through medical insurance for their family or buying a couple of chickens – The Lord is at work through this organization. We were also able to sing and dance joyously together.
-Car rides with Emmanuella, Isa, and Alice have been so much fun and getting to know each of these people better has really helped from a bond.
-We have also had many wonderful conversations as a team and we know that God is working already in us and is teaching us many new things about Himself, Rwanda and how to best serve those we came to serve.

And tomorrow we are excited to go to the Rwandan wedding of a staff member of All Across Africa!

Please pray for us to have discernment in how we can spend our time to best glorify God. Pray that we would continue to grow closer as a team. Pray that those we encounter would truly see Jesus in us and that we would radiate His love and peace. Finally, on the more practical end, please pray that we would all be healthy, energized and safe as we travel around Rwanda.

Imana ishimwe! Praise The Lord!

Much love and many thanks,
Jen, Michaela, Katherine, and Kelsey


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