Meet the Team – Jen

Jen Mrha!

 Nutrition Major with a Dietetics Emphasis
Currently a Sophomore at SPU

Hometown:  I always refer to my “hometown” as the last place I moved from, which is Southern California. I grew up living internationally. I was Born in Budapest, Hungary. Moved to Austria, Aruba, Germany, Hong Kong, and then finally Southern California.

Hobbies:  Yoga, drawing, painting, and honestly just good conversation and spending time in community. I feel like I can do anything and enjoy it if I am around good people. I get a lot of joy from honest conversation and just doing life together.

Spiritual Gifts: Missions, hospitality, wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge.

Most excited for:  I am most excited build relationships in Rwanda. I think that trips like this always end up really surprising me and changing my outlook and how I view the world. Its so easy to have an intention when serving on mission trips that we can offer something. But really sometimes just being present and having an open heart and mind is the best thing you can offer. I am excited and eager to learn, to be challenged. This opportunity really is once in a lifetime.

Favorite African animal:  An elephant. Which is pretty classic, but I think they are so beautiful and graceful.
And did you know they are the only mammals, besides humans, to have chins?



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