Meet the Team – Annie

Annie Roy!

Psychology and Spanish Major

Currently a Sophomore at SPU

Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

Hobbies: Yoga, drawing, climbing, hiking, being with friends, and going on adventures.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, Evangelism, Teaching, Discernment and Serving!

Most Excited for Rwanda: To learn about a brand new culture, to grow and be challenged in my faith, to spread God’s love with my team, and to hear and learn from the people there.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be an African elephant because they are my favorite animal, I have an elephant pillow pet, and they eat a lot…and I love food.

Prayer Requests: That I will keep an open mind and heart to everything, and trust in God when I am outside my comfort zone.



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